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Low Fell Library Association

A Short History of Low Fell Library from 1841 to the Present Day

 1841 – 2013

In 1841 Thomas Wilson established the first reading room in Low Fell. Wilson began his working life down the pit aged eight, eventually becoming a teacher and a business man. His reading, lecture and school rooms are now The Bank Restaurant and Bar on Durham Road.

In 1850 the Public Libraries Act gave Councils the power to raise money, via the rates, to establish a free library service. Gateshead’s first library, completed in 1885, was built in Swinburne Street.  Gateshead Libraries' website has an interesting history of the libraries in Gateshead Low Fell Library opened in 1968 and was managed by Gateshead Council as one of Gateshead's fifteen branch libraries. In 2002 the public computers were introduced to Low Fell Library as part of the People’s Network Project.

Low Fell Library, 1968

Low Fell Library, 1968