Harry Potter and the Cursed Child A new play by Jack Thorne

Post date: Dec 10, 2019 3:23:22 PM

Carolyn enjoyed this book, which can be found on the shelves, or reserved at, Low Fell Library.

Nineteen years has passed since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Voldemort is a shadow of the past; Harry Potter is now an employee at the Ministry of Magic, the wizarding triumphs of his youth shelved for the demands of family life. Once again, the vaulting arches of Kings Cross become the gateway to wild adventure as Albus Severus Potter, Harry’s son, boards the Hogwarts Express…

What lies ahead is as much about the past as it is the future; it will be a time of unexpected alliances and the extraordinary lure of potentially changing what has already come to be. Although much-loved comrades, Ron and Hermione, play their part, this is very much the next chapter. It is a story where the son of the world’s most famous wizard finds camaraderie and friendship in a surprising place, the boy Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco.

A companion to the play and a standalone volume in its own right, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, one of the great creations of children’s literature, the incredible world of Harry Potter, lives once again.