The Enemy by Lee Child

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 3:8:46 PM

This thriller features Lee Child’s hero, Jack Reacher, in his younger days when he was a Military Policeman in the US Army. Set in the final days of the Cold War; soon America will have no enemies left and the Army no one to fight. On New Year’s Day in 1990 Jack is the duty officer on a base in North Carolina when he receives a call reporting a dead soldier in a seedy motel. The dead man turns out to be a two-star general who should have been in Europe. What is more, his briefcase is missing. When Jack visits the general’s house to break the news he finds the dead body of the general’s wife. Soon Jack is up to his neck with the body count rising. What is Jack dealing with here: the last echoes of the old world or the first shocks of the new?

Recommended by Val