Exclusive to Low Fell

We have a range of new children's titles recently purchased by our volunteers - look for our display in the Children's Reading Area!

Low Fell library has recently purchased a selection of new books from favourite authors and some authors who we hope will become new favourites. Please note that, due to cataloguing constraints these books cannot be reserved.

New Books - Exclusive to Low Fell Library

We have a range of new books recently purchased by our volunteers - please come in and browse our New Books Shelf!


A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day by Captain Tom Moore

A full, current, list of titles only available at Low Fell (this includes books that have been donated by the public). Due to cataloguing constraints we periodically withdraw and replace the donated books in our collection.

Title by Author

The Giver of Stars by Moyes, Jojo

Harm Done by Rendell, Ruth

Emily the stirling engine - Thomas & friends by Awdry, rev W

The Hunger Games - Mockingjay by Collins, Suzanne

The Beach Club by Hiderbrand, Elin

The House by the Lake by Harding, Thomas

Uncovering Gateshead by Brack, Sandra

A darkness more than night by Connelly,michael

The black echo by Connelly,michael

The girl from Leam Lane by Dudgeon, Piers

The black ice by Connelly,michael

Nine Perfect Strangers by Moriarty, Liane

Trunk music by Connelly,michael

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Rowling, J K

Lost Light by Connelly,michael

Echo Park by Connelly,michael

The Reversal by Connelly,michael

One Shot by Child, Lee

Snowy Friends by Igloo Books

Worth Dying For by Child, Lee

Rusty Gets the job done - Thomas & friends by Awdry, rev W

Forgive Me by Lewis, Susan

The Lincoln Lawyer by Connelly,michael

Fast Ice by Cussler, Clive

Clifford the Big Red Dog Camera Book by M & S

Other People's Children by Trollope, Joanna

The Falls by Rankin, Ian

Dead Man's Footsteps by James, Peter

The Visitor by Child, Lee

Notes from a small soprano by Garrett, Lesley

Innocent by Glass, Cathy

Mockingjay-The Hunger Games by Collins, Suzanne

Tomorrow will be a Good Day by Captain Tom

Deep Black by McNab

The miserable mill by Snicket, Lemony

The austere academy by Snicket, Lemony

The Witches by Dahl, Roald

Turn a Blind Eye by Archer, Jeffrey

The Killing Lessons by Black, Saul

Twixt Tyne and Tweed by Gilbert, Kathleen & Harry

Voices of Bensham by Groundwater, Pauline

The Secret Life of E Robert Pendleton by Collins, Michael

All That's Dead by MacBride, Stuart

D-Day Dawn of Heroes by Cawthorne, Nigel

War of the Century by Rees, Laurence

Guess Who! by

I'm Not Reading by Allen, Jonathan

Making Frienbds with Frankenstein by McNaughton, Colin

Tell the Truth by Tym, Kate

The Crow Girl by Sund, Erik Axl

The Noisy Foxes by Husband, Amy

A Winter Flame by Johnson, Milly

Silly Tilly Witch by Jordon, Jennifer

The Craftsman by Bolton, Sharon

Thomas ther Tank Engine - The complete Collection by Awdry, W

The ersatz elevator by Snicket, Lemony

The vile village by Snicket, Lemony

A Song for the Dark Times by Rankin, Ian

Trains and Lovers by McCall Smith, Alexander

The hostile hospital by Snicket, Lemony

Cars 2 by Disney

Little Red Riding Hood by Mitton, Tony

The Wrong Child by Gornell, Barry

Here, There and Everywhere by McBratney, Sam

Barry the Fish with Fingers by Hendra, Sue

Mersey Blues by Andrews, Lyn

Dark Fire by Sansom, C J

The Girl in the Spider's Web by Lagercrantz, David

Follow the Zookeeper by Frelf, Patricia

Rather be the Devil by Rankin, Ian

Pariah by Jackson, David

The Night Gate by May, Peter

Dark House by Barclay, Alex

17th Suspect by Patterson, James

The slippery slope by Snicket, Lemony

The Usborne Introduction to First World War by Brocklehurst, Ruth & Brook, Henry

Insiduous Intent by McDermid, Val

A Game of Ghosts by Connolly,John

the Grim Grotto by Snicket, Lemony

The penultimate Peril by Snicket, Lemony

There shall be wings by Arther, Max

Blackout by Ryan, Chris

Hairy Maclary's Bone by Dodd, Lynley

All the Glitters by Steel, Danielle

A Game of Ghosts by Connolly,John

Christmas Cakes & Mistletoe Nights by Matthews, Carole

I See by

World War I by Willmott, H P

Morse's Greatest Mystery by Dexter, Colin

Perfect Death by Fields, Helen

The Unravelling by Sky, Emma

The Good War by Fairweather, Jack

The institute by King, Stephen

Miss Manhattan - Summer Camp Secrets by Morgan, Melissa J

A Black cat by

Best Friends by Morgan, Melissa J

Little Miss Not-So-Perfect - Summer Camp Secrets by Morgan, Melissa J

Life and Laughing by McInyre

Never go back by Child, Lee

61 Hours by Child, Lee

The Twits by Dahl, Roald

Hotel Vendome by Steel, Danielle

Falling in Like by Morgan, Melissa J

Killing Floor by Child, Lee

Super Snappy by

Bathtime, Zack by Hinrichsen, Natalie

The Land Girls from Coronation Street by Sullivan, Maggie

Its fun to be a Furmaid by

The Ghost Tree by Erskine, Barbara

Letter from Home by McMorris, Kristina

Looking Glass Girl by Cassidy, Cathy

The Magic Finger by Dahl, Roald

Don't Look Now by Child, L

Alfie: All About Alfie by Shirley Hughes

An Orphan's Journey by Goodwin, Rosie

Saving Sophie by Carrington, Sam

Last Days of the Bus Club by Stewart, Chris

A book of Bones by Connolly,John

Horrid henry's big bad book by Simon, Francesca

When the boat comes in by Mitchel, James

When the boat comes in - Upwards and onwards by Mitchel, James

Fox's Socks by Donaldson, Julia

The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, John

Jack High by Mitchel, Peter

A Question of Blood by Rankin, Ian

How to grow a Dinosaur by Hart, carl

Just So Stories by Kipling, Rudyard

Just So Stories by Kipling, Rudyard

A Man Called Ove by Backman

The Outsider by Culver, Chris

The Great Northern Miners by Smith. Ken & Jean

Blue Moon by Child, Lee

The diamond Brthers - The French Confection by Horowitz, Anthony

Vanishing Acts by Picoult, Jodi

Brave by Disney

Sleepr's Castle by Erskine, Barbera

My Dad! by Strathie

One Hunded Steps by Moore, Captain Sir Tom

Exit Music by Rankin, Ian

Duck in Trouble by Hawthorn, Philip

The Carniverous Carnival by Snicket, Lemony

Toolbox Trouble by Bolton, Bill

Alan's big scary teeth by Jarvis

Eat up, Zack by Hinrichsen, Natalie

The Lost Luggage Porter by Martin, Andrew

I Hear by

Tyneside Scottish by Stewart, Graham

Look what I've Found (Possibly Lost - Cedars) by Sharratt

Use your Imagination by O'Byrne, Nicola

An Accidental MP by Bell, Martin

Betrayal by Cole, Martina

John Grundy's History of Newcastle by Grundy, John

Memories of Gatehead Grammar School by Hedley, Hugh

One bear lost by Hayles, Karen

Nothing to lose by Child, Lee

The start of me and you by Lord, Emery

What can you spot? On the Farm by

Find You First by Barclay, Linwood

The Lost Days of Summer by Flynn, Katie

Red Bones by Cleeves, Ann

The 26-Story Treehouse by Griffiths, Andy

The last juror by Grisham, John

The BumbleBear by Shireen, Nadia

Five Favourite Nursery Tales by Ladybird

One Minute Later by Lewis, Susan

Careless Love by Robinson, Peter

Mr Big by Vere, Ed

Love, iris by Noble, Elizabth

The Tooth Fairy by

George's First Day at Playgroup by

Arnold by Inkpen, Mick

Honk by Inkpen, Mick

Sandcastle by Inkpen, Mick

I completely know about guinea pigs by Child, Lauren

I'm really ever so not well by Child, Lauren

But excuse me that is my book by Child, Lauren

Say Cheese by Child, Lauren

We honestly can look after your dog by Child, Lauren

Win by Coben, Harlan

Snow is my favourite and my best by Child, Lauren

Peppa Goes Swimming by

School Bus Trip by

Tiny Creatures by

Recycling Fun by

Nature Trail by

Daddy Pig's Office by

Furi on Music Island by Randal, Ronne

Luvli and the Glump-a-tron by Randal, Ronne

Scarcrow's Secret by Amery, Heather & Cartwright, Stephen

Do you believe in Groovicorns by

The Depository by Klimowski, Andrzej

Our Liitle Cruelties by Nugent, Liz

Judas Horse by La Plant, Lynda

Gone Tomorrow by Child, Lee

The Dinner Guest by Walter, B P

The Thursday Murder Club by Osman, Richard

Avengers - The Magnificent Seven by Waid, Mark; Kubert, Adam

Without Fail by Child, Lee

A promised Land by Obama, Barack

The Law Of Innocence by Connelly,michael

The Dancing Bear by Morpurgo, Michael

The Coffin Maker's Garden by MacBride, Stuart

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by James, M.R

Over the Rainbow by Flynn, Katie

Flappy Entertains by Montefiore, Santa

Played in Tyne and Wear by Pearson, Lynn

21st Birthday by Patterson, James

Don Quixote by Cervantes

V for Vendetta by Moore, Steve; Lloyd, David

Villa of Secrets by Wilson, Patrician

Dork Diaries: Dear Dork by Russell, Rachel Renee

Dork Diaries by Russell, Rachel Renee

Dork Diaries: Party Time by Russell, Rachel Renee

Dork Diaries: How to Dork your Diary by Russell, Rachel Renee

Dork Diaries: drama Queen by Russell, Rachel Renee

Double Dork Diaries 2 by Russell, Rachel Renee

The Other Mrs by Kubica, Mary

Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak by Russell, Rachel Renee

Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation by Russell, Rachel Renee

Merlin the Homeless Foal by Nolan, Tina

Marley and Me by

Frozen by

Stupid Science by Gregory, Leland

An advancement of learning by Hill, Rginald

The Death of Dalziel by Hill, Rginald

A Killing Kindness by Hill, Rginald

When the Boat Comes In by Mitchell, James

The Ribbon Weaver by Goodwin, Rosie

An April Shroud by Hill, Rginald

The Forgotten Sister by Cornick, Nicola

Where my heart used to beat by Fauks, Sebastian

A fine night for dying by Higgings, Jack

Everything must go by Flock, Elizabeth

How did you get this number by Crosley, Sloane

Wedding Tiers by Ashley, Trisha

The Magic of Christmas by Robert, Nora

A most wanted man by Carre, John Le

The Dirty South by Connolly,John

Contemporary Kazakh Poetry by Various

Hamemade Christmas & Festive Decorations by Badger, Ros

Vintage Hearts & Flowers by Haxell, Kate

crafty dolls by Bull, Jane

Cute & Easy Knitting by Goble, Fiona

Colliery Days: Fabric Project Book by

All the colours of darkness by Robinson, Peter

Paris Echo by Faulks, Sebastian

Closed Casket by Hannah, Sophie

The Night Fire by Connelly,michael

The Green Key/The Power by Forbes, Colin

The Sunday Girl by Drysdale, Pip

The Winter Secret by Taylor, Lulu

I thought I knew you by Hancock, Penny

Falling by Howard, Elizabeth

The girl on the cliff by Riley, Lucinda

Kept by Taylor, D J

Can you hear me by Varvello, Elena

Heart of War by Masters, John

By the Green of the Spring by Masters, John

Now, Gog be Thanked by Masters, John

The Monogram Murders by Hannah, Sophie

Princess Poly's Potty by

The Lion king by Disney

Peter Pan by Disney

Peppa Goes Boating by